Finance & Economics

Finance Outsourcing

Finance Consulting & Fund Raising

We have the facility to raise funds for selected business clients through private equity or public raising.

Our Financial Services Principal – Mellor Guitterez has extensive experience in financial and investment services, wealth management, hedge funds and stockbroking.

Since 2006, he has underwritten the listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange of private companies with a total market capitalization of more than $800 million.

He has acted as Adviser and/or Management Committee member to the Philippine Stock Exchange for IPO’s with a total market capitalization of more than $15 billion.

He holds a Maths Degree from the University of California and Berkley and an MBA from Kellogg North Western University in the US.


Economics Outsourcing

Economics Consulting

Our Economics Principal – Desiree Jamieson specialises in Institutional Economics, International Micro Economics, Competition, Anti Trust, Impact of Regulations, Taxation and Trade.

She holds a PHD in Economics from Nottingham University,  MSc in Economics for Development from University of Oxford, and MEc in Economics from Macquarie University.

Management Outsourcing

Management Consulting

Our Principal Partner – Robert Reynolds is also a Consulting Director of IPA Management Services based in Sydney, Australia.

IPA provides consulting services in Activity Based Costing and Modelling; Operational Efficiency Reviews; Benchmarking; Feasibility Studies and Economic Appraisals; Project Management and Business Process Re-engineering.

If you are looking at restructuring your company to increase your efficiencies and competitiveness, we can work with you and review your business model.

We can then advise you on how you can restructure your business operations to improve productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and how to get the most out of outsourcing as a valid strategy for your company.


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