Customised Outsourcing Solutions

Customised Outsourcing

Every business is different.

We know that your business needs are unique. We tailor our customised outsourcing solutions to meet the the exact needs of your business.

Delivering tailored solutions is where our highly experienced team and strengths come to the fore. We have a vast wealth of experience across many industries and extensive skills in all facets of setting up and successfully operating highly profitable businesses.

With our know-how, we can provide you with the best advice, the best solutions and the best people.

Outsourcing will help your company increase its efficiencies and competitiveness.


The Best Outsourcing Strategy

If your are looking at restructuring your company, our team can work with you to review and map your business processes. We can then advise you on the best outsourcing strategy for your business. We can help you:

  • Review and map your business processes;
  • Develop your outsourcing strategy;
  • Define the work;
  • Recruit and train your local staff;
  • Set up your local infrastructure (IT, legal, office, systems)
  • Implement the project; and
  • Manage your local operation.

You also have the option for a turn key solution where we set up everything for you and then turn turn it over to you after completion. Here are some examples of the customised solutions we have delivered to our clients.


Legal Gavel

Case Study 1 – Legal Outsourcing

iSapience worked closely with a personal injury law firm in California and developed a medical records review service for law firms in the US.

Personal injury cases involve a huge amount of documents. The documents come from different sources like hospitals, clinics, doctors, physios, chiropractors and police reports.

The challenge was to come up with a solution that will improve the efficiencies in processing these documents.

Along with the client, iSapience identified and analysed the work processes of legal firms, developed the service and its component parts so the service is delivered in a streamlined cloud based system.

iSapience established the supporting systems to deliver the service including information technology, human resources, service evaluation and quality control.

iSapience also delivered the training and continuing development of relevant personnel and established systems to ensure that the work outputs are accurate, delivered on time and are of high quality, every time.

You can read more about the Case Study here: “How We Turned An Opportunity into An Outsourced Business For Lawyers.”.



Media Analytics

Case Study 2 – Media Analytics

This Sydney based media agency provides analytics to global cosmetic brands, media companies and governments. They wanted to increase the efficiencies in their data analytics, research and reporting.  

iSapience worked with them to understand exactly their work processes and the quality of data and reporting that they needed.

iSapience established the workflow, reporting and the team to deliver the service. The team was trained to research, analyse and report on the data based on the process agreed with the client. Quality systems including recurring review of the accuracy of the data outputs were put in place.

We established one point of contact with the media agency and payment for the outsourced service was made locally.



Accounting Outsourcing

Case Study 3 – Technology Company

A print and digital communication agency had to develop a number of websites for their clients.

They engaged iSapience to deliver the back end work for the websites that they were developing. iSapience delivered the back end work including converting existing PSD files to WordPress, creating the theme, adding content to the websites, installing and customising the ecommerce theme, integrating payment gateway such as Eway and PayPal and ensuring the sites are mobile and tablet friendly.

iSapience delivered the service on time and at a cost which was fifty per cent (50%) lower than the cost from the client’s existing suppliers.



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