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Digital & Internet Marketing
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Back Office
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Key Benefits

Customised, High Quality, Flexible, Cost Effective.
Access to our High Quality Team with extensive Skills and Experience.
Reduce your staff operating costs by up to 50%.
Expand your staffing needs efficiently and without the associated costs.
Free your people so they can focus more on growing your business.
We deliver our Solutions in Australia and at our modern office in Manila, Philippines.

Our Clients


Robert was fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable and highly experienced in business process outsourcing and in business generally. I discussed with him what we wanted to do – to increase the efficiency in the way we process our clients’ medical records. Robert analysed our internal processes to get an understanding of how we did things and how these can be improved. Robert then developed and delivered a customised solution that met exactly what we wanted including the documentation process, cloud delivery and reporting systems, staff recruitment and training and quality control. If you are considering outsourcing, I highly recommend Robert and his team at iSapience.

- Scott M., Legal Firm

Our agency provides media analytics to global cosmetic brands, media companies and governments. We wanted to increase the efficiencies in our data analytics, research and reporting.  Robert worked with us to understand exactly the quality of data and reporting that we needed. He then delivered the outsourced service seamlessly with his team. The really great thing is, we only had to deal with Robert for everything from creating the customised service for our company, recruiting and training the right staff, trouble shooting and paying for the service – we pay locally!

- Milden H., Media Analytics Agency

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