• “If you have a backup plan, it’s a sign that you’ve already admitted that you may fail.” ….. Bullshit!
    • by Robert Leroux
    • August 05, 2018

    When this quote was delivered to students at Stanford Business School, it received wide applause. I have also seen people posting this on LinkedIn as if it is some kind of a mantra for would be entrepreneurs. In case you have not heard, the CEO of the company that delivered this speech has now been charged by the regulatory authorities for fraud and the company itself is in financial dire straits. If you have been in a number of business

  • 9 “Really” Essential Things If You Want To Successfully Do Business in Asia
    • by Robert Leroux
    • October 20, 2017

    Doing international business is exciting and fraught with interesting challenges. Here I share some of the essential things that I have learned along the way and in some cases the hard way to successfully do business in Asia! 1. Understand the People You have to understand the people that you are dealing with, their motivation and business culture. This is basic stuff. The thing about doing business in Asia is there is a story that they tell you and there

  • 5 Must Dos to Avoid Outsourcing Pitfalls
    • by Robert Leroux
    • June 16, 2017

    Outsourcing pitfalls are everywhere. I had a client who was quite distressed because his company’s website was only 90% complete and his developer had disappeared. He asked me to help him complete his website. I found out that he outsourced the development of his website to a developer he found on one of those brokerage types of outsourcing companies. My client’s experience is not uncommon. I have heard many outsourcing disaster stories from small to large businesses. Outsourcing is a

  • Diary of an International Business Deal
    • by Robert Leroux
    • May 16, 2017

    Two weeks into an international business trip negotiating and establishing a long term procurement and supply contract for our customer in China, things did not go exactly as planned. Frustrated that the contract that I have been negotiating for about three months with a supplier has been delayed due to lapsed permits. Missing family, missing home, missing football, missing salad and missing the beach! Recognised the onset of “gotta finish, gotta go home” state of mind. The “gotta finish, gotta

  • Outsourcing in the Legal Profession
    • by Robert Leroux
    • May 15, 2017

    Note: This blog is in reply to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald regarding the outsourcing of legal services in Australia. I am the head of iSapience which is a business process outsourcing company based in Australia and Manila. With the developments in legal outsourcing that Mr Kowalski is talking about, the reality is often somehwere in the middle. Mr Kowalski is talking about the future perhaps 30 years to 50 years down the track. The tasks of lawyers

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