Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of services do you provide?
    iSapience provides the following outsourced services:* Web Design and Development
    * Legal
    * Accounting CPA
    * Finance
    * Economics
    * Management Consulting
    * Customized Solutions.
  • How does it work?
    As a first step, we meet with you either face to face or through a web video interface to discuss exactly what type of business solution your company needs. This is the part where we do a lot of listening to fully understand what solution your company is looking for. We may even bounce off different ideas and options with you during the course of our discussion.After our discussion, we then go away and develop a project brief based on our understanding of your company’s requirements. With the brief, we also include the cost for us to deliver the solution.We submit the project brief to you for your consideration. Based on your advice, we either review the brief to make sure that it fully captures what your company requires or if you are happy with the brief we get you to sign off on it. From here, it is head down for us to deliver your solution.

  • How much do iSapience’s outsourced solutions cost?
    Every business is different. For example, all businesses these days need to have a presence on the web. However, the web development solution for each business will depend on what business they are in and how they want to manage their presence on the web. The site could be static or dynamic, informational, interactive or an e-commerce. They may want the flexibility to update the information, upload news, files and products or even accept payments.We can only provide the exact cost after we have met with you and discussed the type of solution that you are looking for. We can however guarantee that the cost for us to do the work is going to be very competitive and lower than the cost of getting the work done locally.
  • How much do iSapience’s consulting solutions cost when delivered in Australia or the US?
    Where we utilize the services of our Australian or US based partners to deliver solutions such as management consulting, international economics research, legal services or international arbitration and mediation, our rates are based on the prevalent rates charged in these countries albeit at a more competitive level.Our consulting partners are all highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are all currently actively practising in Australia and the US.
  • Who is going to work on my project?
    The relevant Principal Partner will always be the one driving your project. If a team is working on your project, the relevant Principal Partner will also be responsible for project managing the team.
  • What hours do you work?
    The hours that we work will depend on the requirement of each client.For example, for Web Design and Development we provide the client a time frame to complete the project. Once this is approved by the client, we work on the project until it is completed within the agreed time frame.On the other hand, for Accounting CPA we are able to provide full time support during similar work hours as in Australia or the US.

    The east coast of Australia is 2-3 hours ahead of the Philippines whereas the US West Coast is about 12 hours behind the Philippines.

  • How can we be assured of the quality of the work or project output?
    All our Principal Partners are all highly qualified professionals and are all actively practising within their own professions. They have multiple degree qualifications with most from international and prestigious Universities from United States, Australia and the UK. They have extensive experience in numerous fields including Law, International Business, Management, Finance, Business Process Outsourcing, Call Centre Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource and Business Systems.All our Staff are university graduates, have excellent proficiency in English and are very experienced within their own field.
  • How do we pay you for the services?
    Depending on which country you are located, you can pay us through electronic fund transfer, by cheque or credit card. We have bank facilities in Australia, the United States and the Philippines.Where the solution we are providing is on a continuous basis, we will bill you monthly in advance.Where the solution we are providing is on a per project basis, we will bill you in advance in stages based on our agreed timeline and deliverables.

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